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Aug 29

Hiking up Mt Ring on a Sunday morning

Aug 28

RT @Caterina: OK, Internet. Less Zynga, More Xanga.

Aug 23

Great, because of those fancy cinema graph animated GIFs, I find myself staring at photos thinking they’re moving.

Aug 22

Mt Tam I Am

Aug 21

Old school fire truck stuff is neat.

Aug 18

Microblogging circa 2004 we were proud of our comic and jingle

Aug 17

Lectured at UC Berkeley today — my new part time gig!

Aug 16

Aug 15

This is my workout philosophy.

Aug 14

Aug 12

Visited @jeremy at hospital. He’s remarkably spirited despite extensive injuries and lucky to be alive after such a motorcycle crash.

Aug 11

Aug 9

Checking out the Lick Observatory on Mt Hamilton

Aug 8

Jason and Crystal if Jason were a astrophysics prof and Crystal a visiting scholar

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